Sunday, August 05, 2012

The Week That Was ...

As I write this early in the morning of Sunday, 4th August, 2012, which also is the 17th of Ramadan, 1433, I wish to inform my readers that by the time you read this, my father would have returned home from the hospital after an almost 2-week stay for weakness and infection. In the interim, my brothers and my wife Nishrin have managed to clean up dad's place and remove unnecessary stuff so as to be able to accommodate a Fowler's bed (the hospital kind which can allow one to raise the head-end or the leg-end of the bed separately. They have already completed de-pesting the house with insecticides etc. and will paint the house and change the floor-carpets. This should relieve my mom a lot as she was fed-up of the diverse junk dad has stored down the decades of his living in this small place. 

Dad's condition remains delicate. Although his kidney status is better and he is temporarily off dialysis, this will have to resume sooner or later; his infections are in control and he is ready to be discharged. My family actually delayed his discharge to be able to clean up the house. He may thus go home on the coming Tuesday. I entreat all my readers to pray for him. May his suffering be reduced and he spend the remaining years/months/days of his life with no pain or torment. May my mom also have no problems of health as she goes on to tend for her husband, our father. Amen. 

The past week I was on call. There were nights when I had no calls, and nights when I was being called almost every half an hour ... such as the one on Thursday night. I had five or six phone calls, and one where I had to go to the hospital to manage a snake-bite victim. That one took me over three hours, so that I decided to sleep over the next morning. As it was a Friday, I had no problem with the plan.

It was on Sunday night that one of the E.R. doctors, Dr. Imaam, invited me for iftaar at his home. His wife had prepared traditional Egyptian items, including Vermicelli-rice, a shorba that was fantastic, and rolls, samosas and many other baked and fried items! Dr. Ahmed Ouf, the ophthalmologist, and Dr. Mohammad Abd Jawed, one of the E.R. doctors, were also invited. After prayers, we relaxed outside the house in the courtyard where Dr. Imaam has spread out a carpet and kept his T.V. We chatted about this and that. We were served tea and a sweet dish, which being too sweet, I had just one morsel of. While Dr. Imaam's fourth child is an infant, the other three - two girls and a boy - came out to serve us our food and drinks from time to time. It was a wonderful experience indeed. 

My studies are proceeding satisfactorily, but I am not too happy with my scores. I am getting worried that I may not be able to prepare myself optimally for the Part1 exams that I am giving on the 9th of October. Please pray for me, dear readers. 

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