Sunday, August 19, 2012

Day 279, Sunday, early morning, 19th August, 2012

It is about 2 a.m. in the morning here as I write this. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia completed the full quota of 30 days this Ramadan and celebrates Eid-ul-Fitr in a few hours from now. I plan to join the congregation for the Eid namaaz. This is held on open ground, and one is expected to carry one's own carpet etc to pray the namaaz.

The last three days have been easy as far as the quantum of work is concerned, but the fact that one had to go for the usual duties yesterday on Friday was a bit of a dampener. The surprising thing was that there were so many patients in the OPD at night, despite this being a "holiday" day throughout the year. Not just that, we had patients from as far as a hundred km from the hospital, from places like Radwan and Um Adoom. My theory is that they probably knew that the hospital would be open, but a colleague of mine feels that they must have come to the A & E and been directed to the OPD from there by the resident doctors. Be that as it may, it was a unique thing to observe. Even on normal days, we don't have as many as 10 patients, which was the total for today. Thankfully, though, most of the cases were "cold cases", and did not need hospitalisation or any such problematic intervention.

My studies are going on, but the speed has slackened on account of the unusual twice a day OPD that I am doing since the month of Ramadan started. I console myself that now Ramadan is over, and perhaps once I go back to the previous 8-4 routine, the problems will settle down.

News from my family in India are not very encouraging for Dad ... he continues to lie in bed, but from what I have heard, his cognitive abilities are near normal; the problem is that he cannot speak coherently, and he cannot sit/stand/walk or be mobile as he was a few months ago. A male helper now attends to his needs, and thus life goes on. 

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