Saturday, August 29, 2015

Killing a blog

Four years ago, in mid-October, I registered my new blog on Blogger. It was to be a diary of sorts for me to write about my experiences in Saudi Arabia, where I was to go in a few weeks' time. My blog started off with a bang. There were many friends and well-wishers who laughed and cried with me as I stumbled, hesitated, sailed through and did every imaginable thing I could as I gradually settled in my new job. 

Saudi Arabia and its experiences got faithfully recorded by me every single day during those magical first few months. My website showed serious traffic and several of my well-wishers stopped by not to just read my posts, but also to comment in the boxes below each post. To them goes out my unconditional gratitude. 

As the days turned into weeks, and the weeks into months, my entries became fewer in frequency. A year down the line, I had stagnated. There was hardly anything new to report or discuss as life in a small village in the heart of Saudi Arabia can be completely uninteresting and mundane.

My torrent turned into a thin stream, and then, as the years passed, into a small little effort to keep up my blog. I had almost dried up in blogging. Now, when my return to India is a certainty, I have resumed a bit of blogging there, and am directing my readers to this blog so that they and I remain in touch when the Dr. Taher of Arabia blog has been completely retired and put to rest.


Holly Jahangiri said...

I always enjoyed your daily journal. I can't claim to have read it daily, but when I did, I very much enjoyed that glimpse into your life and experiences abroad. You mustn't delete it; consider it fodder for a book, or at least a record for your kids and grandkids (no matter how disinterested they may seem today, it will be a precious gift to them in the future).

Holly Jahangiri said...

It would help if you'd provide a "subscribe by email" link. ;)

Taher Kagalwala said...

Dear Holly,

I must thank you for your kind words. I am hoping to someday pen a book on this experience, but the problem is going to be how much of the truth I should put in and how much to leave out.

About that link by email ... sure I will look into that.

By the way, I have started running ads by some companies in addition to adsense ... let me know what you feel about this.