Sunday, August 16, 2015

This blog is in its last few weeks

Even as I write this, I have been trying to complete the several formalities that go with the end of my final contract of work in Saudi Arabia. I am keeping myself occupied with other things too, such as making food every day, entertaining my friends at dinner, writing stuff on the net, reading stuff on Kindle, on Whatsapp, on other social media, and so on, and making some purchases for things to take back with me to India.

My process of application to the General Medical Council of the UK is also going on. There have been a few hurdles. To wit, I am supposed to get a Certificate of Good Standing from the Maharashtra Medical Council. This is an online process, but it has met with several issues - the last one being that the network administrator has blocked the user site as it is located in Saudi Arabia. I don't know why the site should be blocked just because it is in KSA.

I have begun work on a project to create posters and leaflets for a Cardiologist practising in Bangalore, India. The job came to me through Freelancer. He is to pay me USD 1000 for completing all my work. It is a challenging task to work on cardiology projects, since, being a pediatrician, I have no exposure to cardiac topics. However, it is enjoyable as well. 

My diabetes is somewhat better. I have lost some weight as well, and have a high random sugar, but not too high (142 a few days ago, half an hour after having a milk-tea  sugar at about half past ten in the morning). In other news, I am still waiting for the Muderiya to give me some days' relief now that I have over 50 days of leave pending in my name. However, I am sorry to say that there is no one they have to replace me. I may have to forgo my rights of these days of leave. 

Today, I submitted my final exit papers with my Iqama to our coordinator at the Muderiya, Mr. Ali Asmari. With this, the final process of my exit has officially begun.I hope things turn out fine, as I expect there to be some problems in any new work. 

That's it for now ... will write again tomorrow, so please visit again. Thank you.

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