Wednesday, August 26, 2015

News from the last but one week ...

Dear Readers and followers,

The last week has been eventful in a few ways. The first thing that I wish to share with you is that the Taif region continues to be short of doctors. As a result, I have been unable to get anyone to relieve me in the past nearly 3 months! In short, I have been on continuous duty for over 90 days, with just one days' break last month, when the muderiya sent a doctor to relieve me. But that was just the exception. Then about 10 days ago, my hospital asst. director Mr. Diyaab allowed me to skip afternoons and go straight home at lunch. This was a very good gesture. It showed that they did care and that their consciences did hurt that they were unable to get me any relief despite several letters sent by them to the Muderiya asking them to send someone to relieve me. This action was later confirmed by the director Mr. Ahmed Farah Sumeri. I have therefore been going for only the morning OPD. I return to my home at lunch and abstain from the afternoon OPD. Patients are told to show the child to the ER doctors and to see me the next morning.

The second news is a bit sensitive, and I am not likely to openly discuss it in this blog. However, there was a minor issue involving me, and the Muderiya, in response to someone's protestations, had decided to stop my exit! The issue has now been resolved, and I am likely to complete my exit formalities in the week ahead.

The third news is that some of the nurses got together (after my gentle reminder) to arrange for a farewell party in my honour. This party was arranged by Sisters Sajeda Touqeer, Maui Rogelio and  Virginita Camaro. 

Dr.Mohamed Mosa Al Teah, our medical director

With Sister Maui Rogelio

With Sister Virginita

The amazing food

The Delivery Room team with Sisters Sherin Vincent, Sajida Touqeer and Virginita Camaro

It was held in our diet department's restaurant on the afternoon of Monday, 23rd August, 2015. The nurses had really excelled themselves in preparing a glorious spread of food. While Sajeda had brought a delicious, under-spiced chicken pulao, the Filipina duo had prepared Pancit (rice noodles), Donuts (fried), Chicken fry (pieces), Chicken spring rolls, refrigerated cake (delicious) and mawa cake. In addition, they also brought a fresh chocolate cake with fresh strawberry from Queen's Taste in Taif. I cut the cake to start the party, after which we took some photos and then had the food with cold drinks etc. 

The final bit of news is that within half a day of my writing this, my colleague, Dr. Mohamed Afzal Khan, is expected to start his return journey to the Kingdom, and will reach by nightfall. He should,  if he agrees, be able to resume from Thursday, and thereafter, carry on. Thus, today might be my last day of working in Al Moweh/Al Muwayh General Hospital. 

In the coming week, I will complete whatever work is remaining here, and Inshallah arrive back in Mumbai by the end of it.

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