Sunday, June 22, 2008

Coming down strictly on my daughter

I have always flirted with girls, and sometimes they have been very, very young. However, I have always done this with an innocent frame of mind, just to have some fun. However, the shoe was on the other foot, when I saw my elder daughter flirting with an apparently older man by chat over the net. I did not know what to do as the conversation, or the part of it that I read, was slowly turning puerile. and yet, Inas was enjoying herself tremendously. I urged her to disconnect that chat, but she refused, and she kept refusing repeatedly. Finally, unable to bear her temperament for ever, I stepped in and forcibly closed down the chat, but not before making her type words to the effect that that boy was not to write in such language ever, to her. This done, I switched off the chat application, and made her leave the side of the computer. Later in the afternoon, I logged on to the "My Accounts" page and changed my account password.

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