Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Resumed the gymnasium

After a gap of nearly a month or even more, dogged by problems of Inas' admission, a lot of work as a doctor and some degree of boredom, I went back to the gymnasium on the 16th of June. The start was a lot difficult as I had not exercised at all in the intervening month and also eaten in an unrestricted manner. Thanks to the double whammy of improper eating and lack of exercise, I have gained nearly 1.3 kg in the intervening month and am at 83.2 kg as on the 17th. I am feeling bad about this, but what can I do but smile at my own foolhardiness and make a fresh resolve to begin the journey again from where it is now?

The other noteworthy thing to share with you all is that professional work has now slackened off and enabled me to go back, not only to the gym but also to my reading, writing and so on. This, I know, is not very good news on face value, but I try to find a silver lining in every cloud; here, the silver lining is the freedom to pursue the desires of my heart and not be immersed only in earning the extra money.

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