Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny anecdotes

Used to issue cheques (checks for Americans) on several occasions every month, I am rather unconsciously "Pavlovised" to see if my signature is at the bottom of these cheques or not; whenever I see a signature missing, I will instantly sign the cheque and feel a sense of having "completed" the task of writing a proper cheque.

What happened today, not once, but twice, is something along these lines; I had to forward a cheque of my mom and my wife to two different parties; in both cases, the cheques were not signed. What I did next can only be summed up in two words: horrific and stupid.

I signed both the cheques with a flourish, when I am not even a joint account holder in both my mom's and wife's accounts! In the instant after I had finished signing and placed the pen back on my table, I realised what I had done: I had signed on cheques which had nothing to do with me!

I had to go back to my mom (and will do the same with my wife in the night when I reach home) and get a fresh cheque from her ...

So much about being a person with creativity and superior intelligence (most IQ tests place me between 120-130, which means I am definitely above average ... that being 80-110)!

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