Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Waiting for my elder daughter's exam results was a little of all these: suspense, agony, boredom and also anticipatory excitement. Will she make the cut? Will her results reflect the time, money and effort that her parents and family put in in the previous one and a half years as she studied to make a career in medicine? Will we see her on the merit list of the board (like I was; I stood 14th in the Maharashtra State board examinations of 1977!)? Or will she show us how worthless were her and our efforts and come up with a less than exciting result? In the end, the hours she wasted on the mobile phone and computer, the hours she wasted watching things outside the room's window, the hours she wasted watching movies downloaded on the computer and the hours she wasted thinking all this to be a game - took their toll, and she did, in fact, come up with an above average but a far more ordinary result of under 80%.

To say that I am not disappointed would be a lie; however, being a practical person who has seen failure in his own life on more than one occasion, I took her results in my stride and was, in fact, consoling Nishrin, my wife and Inas' father, to stop beating her breast and screaming abuses at Inas. This isn't the end of life or the end of her career ... is it? Three days have passed since the results were declared, and I admit I am not tense or dejected any more. We are now waiting for her "Medical Entrance exam" results, which should be out in a few days' time.

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