Monday, March 26, 2012

Day 131, Sunday, 25th March, 2012

For several days, I was postponing the day count as I felt readers had probably lost interest in looking at how many days have passed since I landed in Saudi Arabia. I have recently posted here an entry on my visit to a local wildlife reserve. I decided to also submit it to a travel site called Ghumakkar. This post has received very generous and kind reviews. If you would like to visit the post, here is the link:-> Click HERE.

Life, as I know it here, was going on an even keel, till something unusual happened here in Al Muwayh. It RAINED. The skies had been cloudy and overcast since early afternoon, and while talking to a colleague, I had expressed the desire that it rain today. Well, it did! From 5:15 p..m., it rained for about an hour, give or take. In that one hour, it must not have rained more than 30-40 mm. However, the effect it had on the town was to create a cool breeze, to create big puddles of water, and to deter some from venturing out of their homes.  Here, then, are the pictures I took with my mobile's 5 MP camera. The first few pictures are taken from outside the main door of my house. It faces the back-side of the main road, and you can see the damp on the road as the rain gathered strength. As can be seen from the third photo, the entire road and so on were wet ... and this, within 15 minutes. There was lightning, and of course thunder, but the rain never became very strong or inconvenient for us.

After some time, I went back to my room, but  later, I left the house porch and went out on to the main road to take some more pictures as night had settled in.
Along with the first four pictures is a picture of the sky with the clouds that had gathered. 

 Finally, here are the pictures of the main road with the pools of water and well-lit cars negotiating the water collections.

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