Monday, March 12, 2012

Days 114 and 115, Thursday and Friday, 8th and 9th March, 2012

A new weekend, but this time, there is nothing exciting to report from the work-place as, although I was on call, there were not many calls or admissions to attend to. I had an easy time, which I spent mostly in walking/roaming around, reading a book (The Last Mughal, by William Dalrymple), cooking stuff (I made a potato preparation, some chapatis and mutton masala ... but the last named item gave me a lot of trouble as my first consignment got burned, and I had to make a fresh one; the entire process took me the better part of the day!).

My walks to the garden are becoming more interesting now, as I often go with my Canon DSLR and am able to shoot interesting birds. This week, a new type of bird visited the garden - there were about 5-6 of these birds that went krreeeee, krreeeee and flew with stretched wings above me; their colour was an iridescent bluish green, and methinks they were bee-eaters or some form of parakeets, but I am not sure, as on those two days, unfortunately, I wasn't carrying my camera. 

In addition to this exotic traveller, my last week was spent, while walking or jogging, in viewing the regular birds that are present in the garden; to wit, the Barn Swift, the female Common Bushchat, the Northern Wheatear,  the more recent visitor, the Black-capped Yellow wagtail,  the White Wagtail,  the Namaqua dove and the Tawny Pipit. Here are pictures of each of these birds:

Aside from these, I have also captured the Male common bushchat, the Paddyfield Pipit, and a few more birds .... but let's leave some of these for a later date, shall we?

That's all for now. Thank you for reading.


Anonymous said...

Great pics, Dr. Taher.

rashida said...

dr.taher,beautiful pics.