Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Tid-bits of News and Miscellaneous stuff

YIPPEE! This is my 100th post on this site!

It has been over 4 days since I last posted in this blog; nothing of major consequence happened, and therefore, I sort of passed over the chances of updating my blog. However, several minor things happened, and I must share at least some of these things with you, dear readers.

Firstly, tomorrow, i.e. on Wednesday, 28th March 2012, a special committee is visiting our hospital. This committee originates from Ta'if our administrative HQ, and is coming to see how the hospital is doing - quality-wise, with special emphasis on what steps the hospital has taken or is taking to promote PATIENT SAFETY. I find this a bit funny, since, unfortunately, the main hospital building has several cracks in its structure, and this is actually putting patients' and staff's lives in danger! However, and this is to the credit of the hospital administrative staff, the higher-ups have visited the hospital several times to study the structural defects and even withdrawn wall and floor samples for analysis. If they rule that the hospital construction is sub-standard or in need of urgent repairs, the hospital may have to take some very unwelcome steps such as, for example, closing certain areas to carry out repairs, or, the worst, to close the entire hospital to do so.

Secondly, beginning Sunday evening, the weather in the entire Central and Western areas of Saudi Arabia took a turn for the worse. At that time, the winds rose, and with them, the dust. A sand-storm like weather came in within hours, bringing with it blurring of vistas seen by the eye, and a strong head-wind that brought down the prevailing temperatures from early 30's to eighteen or so degree Centigrade. We went home safely on Sunday, and on Monday too, but on Tuesday, the same weather continued; in the evening, though, the temperatures began to slowly go up. When I went for a walk on Monday evening, I could hardly see things in the distance, so I abbreviated my walk from 70+ minutes to just a little over 25 minutes. The general benefit of this exercise/walking accrued, however, as I felt fresher and less tired compared to what I think I would have felt like had I NOT done this walk. On Tuesday evening, the walk turned pleasant and, in fact, the local temperatures rose, so when I was about to finish my walk and go towards home, I had to remove my jacket and walk home. An interesting thing I observed was that several of the birds that I saw almost everyday during the last month were missing on Tuesday evening. Perhaps the culprit is the weather.The high winds and the cold also kept the patients away from the Hospital, so that we, the doctors and the nurses and all the rest of the staff were able to relax.

Thirdly, my reading is going on, and I have just about completed a little over 400 questions from MCQ books. My overall performance, although within the passing range of 55% or more, was just about 70% so far. I hope to revise these and more questions so that I can do better the next time. The problem is that I barely get to study for a few hours each day, and that, mostly in the hospital during the OPD hours. Back home, I have so many other things to do that I barely even look at the study books! Please pray for me, readers. My paper will be on the 10th of April, in Mecca. 

Lastly, I am just reporting this to you: my younger daughter bought a new cell phone, the HTC Cha Cha, costing about 12K Indian Rupees. It is an Android phone, and she got a free 8 GB data storage card with it.
In other news, Nishrin's parlour renovation work is now complete and I have told her to share the pictures of her newly refurbished place with me. If appropriate, I may share the photos here on this blog, or on Facebook in my profile (click HERE to go to my profile).

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