Sunday, July 08, 2012

A reasonably well-read blog or simply a sign of courtesy?

I have crossed 10000 views and my blog has been viewed most in the US of A, followed by India, Saudi Arabia, and 38 other countries. I pause here to ask myself what it is about my blog that has generated a reasonable viewership. In fact, after my last posting yesterday of my five-day stint in Zalm, my blog has had over 20 views. Not bad, eh? However, a niggling doubt in my mind made me write this post.

I have a good number of friends and well-wishers who visit my blog as soon as an entry has been made and then announced on Facebook. Among these are my net-friends, off-net friends, relatives and some acquaintances, who, nonetheless, are concerned for my well-being and keep returning here to "check" on me. I thank all of you from the bottom of my heart.

In addition, I am sure there are several visitors who are my "friends" on Facebook, but not really good acquaintances or friends, just casual ones, who also come to my blog. I would love to know from them their reasons for visiting, and their response to my entries. Some of them do "Like" my post on Facebook, and occasionally even comment on the posting there itself, and to them also, I extend my thank you. Others perhaps read the post and "Like" it, but have no time to actually visit my blog. To these worthies, my humble request is to come and read the blog. I guess I write okay, and my posts - or at least half of them - are above average in the quality of the writing and have something that touches my reader (s). 

You don't need to be a Google member, you don't need to even disclose your real ID, and there is no moderation or requirement of  any kind to post comments in my blog. Hence, I request readers to post comments to my blog within the blog. I would really appreciate that.

I would also urge my readers to check out the photographs that are posted in the other "pages" of this blog. The link to the pages is to the right of the posts just below the animated "Voki" that welcomes you to the blog. I have photos of people, places and Nature posted here, so do visit these when you have the time (and the bandwidth, LOL).

Finally, if it pleases you, do visit my other blogs too. The links are all on the right of the main posts, a little lower down. Although I am not too active on those blogs, it might prove to be a valuable diversion for you, dear reader, to see, perhaps, some photos of nature, some information about my family, some thoughts on human behaviour, or descriptions of some of my travelogues on these varied blogs.

Thank you all for reading. If my blog is interesting or controversial, do let me know by pressing the comment button; if this is only a courtesy visit, be counted so that I know who you are. Let me know with just a few words of appreciation or encouragement. If you are one of those who came here because you are surfing and you never knew me before, why, thanks a lot. Let me know who you are, and provide me a link to your blog, so that I can return your kindness.

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