Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Week later ...

Readers will discover this post when I go back into public mode. The last six or seven days when I have been off-public and in private mode for certain reasons have been routine for the most part. I continued to be on-call this week, and have had a fair share of calls in the evenings and nights. In the day-time, though, I have been free to read and do other stuff on the internet. This week was bad from the point of view of studies: I scored low in many multiple-choice-questions that I tried to answer, and this has firmed my resolve to read more.

Dr. Mohammed Abdel Jawad, one of my resident doctor friends from Egypt, brought my Mastercourse books with DVD when he returned from his holiday in Cairo, and I will be indebted to him for getting this book at a much lower price than its mandated price. So, I have begun reading this with earnest.

I also did a fair amount of cooking this week, making a vegetable mix of bottle-gourd with carrots, a boiled potato bhaji, mutton masala, and sprouted Bengal gram. Also made rice and other stuff off and on. Breakfast wasn't very formal but I did make poha (a dry snack made from beaten puffed rice) one of the days and it turned out to be quite nice. It missed a dash of sweetness which is what I like to get into it when I have it in Mumbai. The chapatis I brought from India have served me well, and I am now worried about what will happen once the stock runs out! Thus, I economise on their consumption, varying them with rice, bread or other stuff.

Ramadan started on Thursday here, and I was looking forward to the new OPD schedule that went into place from today, i.e. Saturday. From today till the end of the Holy month, we will be attending a split duty from 10-1 in the morning and then 9-12 in the evening. This enables us to be in the home the entire afternoon and evening, a sort of blessing since it is so hot anyway. As I write this, I am preparing for my first ever evening shift which is to start in an hour.

In other news, I must update that as Dad's blood levels suggested a fair control of his kidney functions after his 7-8 sessions of dialysis, he has been advised rest for a week or two. He had developed some catheter infection (he had a intravenous line in one of his neck veins for his repeated dialysis), and this line was removed on this Friday. Inas is doing fine at her job, and Hannah has settled into a good routine at her Management studies. Nish is good as ever, but a little overwhelmed each morning because of the hectic start. Mom is keeping well, but getting exhausted after looking after her own self and her husband, my dad. However, the good news is that they now have a helper, a 17-year old boy, who stays with them from 8 a.m. in the morning till 7 p.m. in the evening. This should make Mom's condition a little better. 

I continue to live alone in the large house I "inherited" from Dr. Shahid after his departure from here, and to tell you honestly, it is a good thing, because I have a free run of the house and can "do as I please", with none to share my physical and emotional space with. The downside is the fact that I have to bear the entire rent and also that I am all alone and sometimes feel the lack of company.

That's all for now. 

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