Monday, July 02, 2012

Day 230, Sunday, 1st July, 2012

I woke up to realise that it was Doctors' Day today. Checked my inbox to find a few messages wishing me a happy doctors' day. One was from the insurance company I have invested in, and another from a patient of mine. None other. When I was in India and practising, I used to get no less than 15-20 greeting cards either by email or in person through the medical representatives, and I miss this as I write it. 

The morning was quiet, but in the afternoon, I received a call from the hospital director. He asked me to vacate my room (where I had been staying since the last 3 weeks, gratis) today itself. I had no options left. I sought refuge in the room of the Pakistani anaesthetist Dr. Taher (my namesake) for the evening. In fact, I also sought his help to go inside the town, to visit the Indian restaurant for dinner and to also go to another place (across the highway) for a glass of hot tea in the night. Dr. Taher was so kind that he, in fact, allowed me to sleep in his bed for the night while he went off to his office room in the hospital to sleep off the night. 

I called up Dr. Narendra to seek his advice before shifting in with Dr. Taher. He was sympathetic but had no real suggestions to offer. In fact, I came to know afterwards that the hospital director had, in fact, asked for the key to the room yesterday itself while I was in Jeddah, and today's call was, in reality, a continuation of the event that had transpired yesterday in his room.  I say I had no options because even the three weeks that I did stay in the hospital room was a gift to me, as I had no right whatsoever to stay here ... and I had been extended a privilege that I had clearly exceeded!

In the night, I talked to my family on Actionvoip and they advised me to lie low and not create any further trouble. I also learned that rainfall in Mumbai has been scant so far, with a month already past. I later called my parents. I was heartened to know that dad's health has improved somewhat after nearly six sessions of dialysis. Mom accompanies him once a week to the hospital, while on the other day, one of my two brothers take on the responsibility. Things, it seems, are looking up for dad, and I have you all to thank for it, dear readers, for your prayers and good wishes.

I slept at around mid-night, after watching an episode of "Lie to Me". This serial is based on the theme that when people lie, their facial expressions and body language give them away. The main protagonist of this serial is an expert at this, and his company, named after him, assists the police in detection and solving of crime in its various forms. Today's episode was on the killing of the teenage daughter of a female sitting Judge of the High Court, also a presidential nominee for a chair at the supreme court. The story took the viewer to the girl's school, then other places, and so on, till the surprising murderer was revealed. Try to download this serial from You Tube, and see it. It is awesome.

Thus ended my "doctors' day".

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