Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Day 240, Wednesday, 11th July, 2012: Starting all over again

Moving back into my old house felt like starting all over again, except that this time, I had a house with about 75% stuff already bought by me for my own use from Dr. Shahid. The remaining 25% I would have to buy over the next few days or weeks or months. For the last three days, I have been going over the things I needed desperately and I began stocking my house with those first. Thus, I purchased a stainless steel 3-burner stove, but it was not up to the mark, and I had to return it and get a cheaper but more reliable iron 2-burner stove. I had to go out and buy a water jug, salt, turmeric, vegetables, some dals, some plates, some spoons, an onion receptacle (plastic), chicken (machine-cut into pieces), lamb-mince (kheema), salt and pepper cellars, milk, curd, cheese slices, etc. etc. Finally, I finished the tasks today afternoon, and then prepared dal to eat for dinner. I also retrieved three chappatis from the freezer and re-heated them and kept them aside for the night.

I have yet to arrange my books ... but that is going to be easier than it looks. After all, I have to just remove them from the carton and stack them side by side in the glass cupboard. Do you think that might be tough? Let's see.

In other news, nothing really. I am planning to resume serious walking in a day or so ... I am really neglecting that one for now. Yesterday, I managed only 3 km. The day before, nothing. Today, so far, it looks like nothing much will be possible as I am still in the house and it is past 7.30 p.m.

Of late, I have been reading and interacting a lot on the Times of India website; they have made the site interesting with rewards in the form of badges etc to those who comment, forward and share their articles and so on. Sort of like a mini-social networking ... do check it out here.

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