Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A planned break in the offing

As I write this on the evening of Tuesday, 28th February 2012, I am making preparations to go to Ta'if, and onward to Jeddah with Dr. Narendra Punjwani, the orthopedic surgeon from Surat who is working with me in the hospital. He is planning to take us to Ta'if by car, from where we will go onward to Jeddah by the government bus. I am fairly excited about this, as I am about all the holidays that I have taken so far since coming to the Kingdom. I plan on visiting a medical book shop to pick up a few books for the purpose of studying for the Saudi Council examinations. I may also visit a Canon store to look at telephoto lenses, and go out for dinner on both days, viz. Wednesday and Thursday with Dr. Narendra to some nice Indian restaurant. On the way back, I am planning to meet Dr. Asadullah at Ta'if and receive my medical indemnity insurance papers that he has kept with him ... inshallah, all the tasks will go off as planned. My companion intends to do some shopping in readiness for his exit from Saudi Arabia later this year ... so, all in all, we will have a good time, of that I am sure. 

Today was a simple, uncomplicated day, with just 3 patients for me to see in the OPD! For breakfast, I made a chicken hamburger, for lunch, and for dinner (which I haven't had as yet), I had/will be having my dal-gosht. I also made Kheema which I will store in the refrigerator for use when I return on Friday evening. So, as they say, things are planned ... let's see how things turn out for me for the next few days. 

I spoke to Nishrin, who is currently busy setting up her renovated beauty salon, and she seems to be confident that things will turn out just fine. I intend to see the new place on Skype on Thursday evening if all goes right. She is planning to start her work from Friday, 2nd March, 2012 ... just a day before my 53rd birthday. Here's wishing her luck and success in this venture. That's it for now ... 

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