Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 93 and 94, the Thursday-Friday Weekend, 16th and 17th Feb. 2012

I have received many forms of positive encouragement from you, my dear readers. Someone had once predicted that as life settled down for me, there would be less and less material to write about and, eventually, I would get tired of the whole thing. There was some truth in that, and I see this now. After completing over three months in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, I have got used to "monotony". In this country, monotony expresses itself in many ways. For example, over 60% of pediatric patients attending the OPD have the same complaints: fever, cough and a running nose. Most of the babies are bottle fed. The patients all have lots of siblings - brothers and sisters. Almost 80% of the cars in Al Muweh are white. More than 90% of houses are cream, ochre or light brown. Almost all the supermarkets sell the same brands of bread, biscuits, chocolates, chips and similar stuff. This monotony, to an extent, can be comforting, especially if one's life is unsettled and so on, but after a certain period, it can be a kind of silent suffering from which we would like deliverance. 

I think I am passing through that phase now. I am getting utterly bored to see the same old things again and again. I want some variety and look far and wide to see it. For example, I think it was on this Thursday that I went on a long walk past the garden that I normally frequent every day for my walk. I kept walking ahead till I reached the end of the town. Ahead, I encountered a patch of ground - a large one, at that - covered with artificial green that looked very aesthetic indeed. On my left was the transmission plant of the Saudi Electric company as well as their Customer Service center, and beyond that, some plant and building where, presumably, refuse was brought in to be recycled or processed.

At the end of this foray, I turned around and walked back the way I had come; on the green, I stopped to breathe in and took some interesting photos. I also just stood there for about 5 minutes, watching the vehicles on the adjacent highway (Jeddah-Riyadh). 

The last photo truly looks beautiful, doesn't it?

I cooked alu-palak and fish curry for the weekend. On Thursday afternoon, Dr. Narendra invited Dr. Shahid and me to his place for lunch. He made chicken curry and a simplified chicken biryani for us - both of which were delicious. Hats off to his talent for the chicken curry!

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MUHBEEN said...

well well taherbhai, monotony sets in everywhere. probably u r in a small town hence few people to make friends with. however i would suggest u can break ur annual holiday in 2 parts anmd take a break to india every 6 months. only problem would be that u will have to pay airfare once.

but there is a always a price to be paid in life if u wish to gain something. here u are financially improving, with lots of peace of mind, getting to improve ur faith in Allah, multiple umrahs.

Verily in rememberance of Allah u shall have peace.