Thursday, February 16, 2012

Day 86, Thursday, 9th February 2012

First of all, my sincere apologies to you, dear readers, for the inordinate delay in posting my recent entries. On this day, my own mistake caused my laptop to crash. My computer engineer thinks that this happened because I must have deleted an important system file while running "Regseeker", a registry cleaner, on Wednesday evening. The laptop just would not start. Initially, I thought nothing much of it and continued to go through the "shutdown-restart" routine by pressing down on the power button - first, to shut down, and then, to restart it. I tried pressing F8 during this process several times, and used options like "SafeMode", "Last Known Good Configuration", etc., but there was no relief. Next, I went to options to Repair, running the Memory Diagnostic Tool, and "System Restore", but these caused even more problems. Tired, I approached Adil Ansari, an Indian computer engineer who manages a mobile-computer shop just outside the lane where I live. We tried, over the next few hours, all the previous options and also tried to run the Acer Recovery Management Tool found within
the Acer folder on my computer in the Programs directory of the C drive of the computer. This prompted us that it would restore the backup image of the disc that was taken when the laptop was configured at the very beginning (i.e. at the time of its purchase), so we aborted it. Later, I went back to my room to sleep off the depressing circumstances, and thus, the day ended.

I have this advice to render to my friends: don't tinker with the files unless you are damn sure of what you are doing; and if you are planning to install a registry cleaner, do NOT, I repeat, do NOT choose Regseeker. I may be over-reacting, and this is natural, since that was the program that caused all the anguish and trouble to me. I will tell you more about these in the next entry, since this is a chronological blog.

Additionally, today was as busy as the rest of the emergency days. I had three visits to the hospital, and I managed the work quite well, I think. I cooked a few dishes ... dal, and the Bohri way of making curry with coconut milk and the special curry masala ... I made it with duck. Also made chapatis. I hope to cook more stuff tomorrow.

That's all.

P.S. The Arabic word for completely spoiled or out of order is kharbaan. That is where my laptop was on Thursday night. :-(

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