Monday, February 20, 2012

Day 96, Sunday, 19th February 2012

Getting up to the present with this post. Dear Readers, I am grateful to all of you for being with me on this journey that began with a simple resolve to do something different with my life with an eye on improving my family's future and satisfying my innate desire to travel. I believe I am on the right track, and you, my faithful companions, are proof of this. I had one of my readers seek me out on GTalk last week when I did not appear on Facebook for at least 5 days without a forwarding of any new post. She asked me if anything wrong had happened and why I wasn't posting anything. I thanked her for her concern, of course, adding that nothing really had happened except for my laptop taking a long break. Somewhat propitiously, I was, at the very time she began her chat with me from Mumbai, India, writing the post for Day 89. I finished the post and immediately copied the address of that page and sent her the link so that she would realise that I am very serious about blogging on this site!

As I write this, Sunday is almost coming to an end in Al Muweh. I had a quiet day until lunch hour, and then, within the next hour, three patients got admitted to the wards. All of them had a respiratory infection; this is not too surprising, as the general level of hygiene among the locals is not at all satisfactory. Babies are put on cow's milk from birth itself; as readers probably already know, use of foreign protein, in this case cow's milk, can cause allergies of the skin, respiratory tract problems and frank infections. In addition, this feeding is often done with unsterile or unhygienically stored and administered feeding bottles. What else can one expect?

Today, in the evening, I cooked duck curry once more. After today's use, I still have two medium size pieces of duck, which I will use in the near future. Today's duck curry gets 6.5/10 points. The onions hadn't got completely homogenised, and the spiciness index was wanting. Anyways, I had it tonight with rice (khichdi), and I enjoyed it. Dr. Shahid also had a small portion. 

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