Sunday, May 18, 2008

Flowery language

I have been accused of using too much flowery language and I actually reminded my dear friend Stephanie of P.G. Wodehouse. Oh, what a lift that comment has given me! Thanks, Stephie, thanks a lot for elevating me to the exulted position occupied by PGW, that writer of writers, that fantastic author with a series of memorable characters in all his 5 dozen-odd books! Who can forget the Empress of Blandings, the inimitable Mr. Psmith and the ever-desirable-as-a-butler Mr. Jeeves?

On the subject of my blogs being a little complicated to follow, well, it so happens that I cannot help but be a little flowery. I enjoy linking thoughts in lo.......n........g sentences! I began to write from the age of 6 or so, and I am not talking about writing stuff that school teachers want you to write, but stuff that you write ON YOUR OWN without it being asked at school. As such, I became fond of English from an early age, and as I was never very interested in sports, I began to read, read and then, write, write. Before I was 14 years of age, I had already completed 4-5 small novels with an Enid-Blyton like format- a group of 4 children with a dog stumble on to mysteries that they try and solve! I called those books the Mysterious Five series and I still have them, written in a juvenile hand, with letters all distinct from each other, little use of idioms or figures of speech, etc. A few of these were even read by some of my friends, and their comments at the specially created comments page are a treasure that I hold on to. Those precious comments were, to me, nothing less than Nobel Prizes of literature!

After this, I dabbled in a lot of essays, and I called my collection "MOSE" - My Own Short Essays. This was followed by MOSS (short stories, lol) and even MOHS (My own Hindi stories).

Around the age of 15, I appeared for my matriculation exams, and for the first time in my life, was brought into close contact with a lot of girls (my school was an all-boys affair). The girl behind me was also a "Kagalwala", though no relation of mine, and when she first nudged me with her pen to ask me some silly opposite in the first paper, I lost my heart to her. Over the next few days, she told me that she was already engaged to a boy who was also her cousin. The boy, too, was appearing for the same exam, and was in the same exam center, and she brought him to meet me on day 3. He became, in my fertile story-writing mind, the "Villain" of the story that I would write ... More of my friends and her friends soon became characters too, and about 2 months later, the saga "It All Started with the Exams" had completed its birthing and was lying about me in three PARTS!

Using my experience during the exam, I wove a tale of seven or eight teenagers who meet during the exams, fall in love, fall out of friendships, and so on. In fact, one or two of my characters actually go on to get married in the story. I was (who else?) the hero, and the only difference between the novel and real life was that in the novel, I win the hand of the fair maiden and we elope in the last scene into the sunset! The villain is left clutching his hair, groaning and grunting as we run away.

Some years later, I also wrote my first full-length Hindi novel, and then, as my life became more and more hectic, my writing skills sort of went into a prolonged hibernation of over 2 decades!

I got my home computer in 2000, and it was while searching for a place on the net where one could write or read literature that I stumbled upon "Stories.com". I took up a membership in 2002, and thus allowed my muse to wake up once again.

Today, thanks to that site (now known as Writing.com) (and others like this blog and still others), I have taken up writing once again, passionately. Yesterday, I wrote my first ever Hindi poem and posted it in http://p4poetry.com. Do check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I think I should bite my tongue and take back that spontaneous, impulsive comment, lest P.G.W frowns from the skies at me.

So, did that girl hitch up with your villian? :) Anyway, it was nice to read about your writerly journey.