Saturday, May 31, 2008

Time for a month to end ...

Nothing new in that, you might say, and you may well be right. At the same time, anything that ends signals the start of something new; in this case, it would be, naturally, the month of June, named after Junos. The month was a very hot one, indeed. A few highlights of this month include a chain of birthdays in my family ... including those of Hannah, my daughter. The others, whose birthdays also fell in this month, were those of my dad, of my nephew Shabbir, and the arrival of a new member - Shabbir's sister Umme-Salma. She came into this world on the 8th of May, a day after her brother's birthday, a mere 6 days before Hannah and about 12 days before Dad. The slew of birthdays meant lots of cakes to cut/eat/sing songs to; it meant giving away gifts and good wishes to so many; in Umme-Salma's case, it also meant my being appointed as the honorary free Pediatrician at the time of her delivery! In addition to all this birthday running-around, I also had to spend on Inas, what with filling her forms for entry into the professional years in college;finally, towards the end of the month, I had to deposit part-payment fees at a hotel management school, which she will be joining if she does not join medicine.

At the same time, I gave Hannah an i-pod shuffle as her birthday gift along with some books. I also allowed her to participate in a "Be A Rock Star" singing contest organised by the Disney Channel in Mumbai. She passed the first round with flying colours, and when she sang at Nirmal Life Style mall (at Mulund, a distant suburb of Mumbai) on the 25th of May, she did very well indeed. Now, she awaits her call for further rounds.

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