Friday, May 02, 2008

I have a sweet friend called Stephania, who is a little under 16 years of age. She has set her heart on writing a blog. It has been fun to teach her, via Google Talk on how to create a blog. I am using my own blog to show her how things are done. She is a keen student, and is learning fast. In between, she probably yearns to take a sip from her dad's beer bottle! She swears, waxes lyrically, pauses, looks utterly confused (I mean, her words sound as if she is utterly confused) and it is finally, I think, dawning on her as to how to create her profile.

It seems that the first long introduction she wrote never got saved, so she is having to write a new one again! I am still with her on GTalk as I write this blog entry ...

Okay, here is the link to her blog: Stephania's Blog

Looks like she just completed her profile ... let me read it!

Okay: here is what she says:
Well, I'm funny, friendly, good with people, love learning new things. I have the willingness to experiment, pretty open to ...

Go ahead, and check out the rest!

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