Tuesday, May 27, 2008

A helpful daughter

Over the last few weeks, both Nishrin (my wife) and I have been observing a small but perceptible change in the habits of my elder daughter Inas. She, as some of you know, has completed her pre-professional junior college education and is awaiting results before she goes into a professional college. We have marked that she has become a lot more helpful and a lot less rebellious in the last few weeks. I do not know why this has happened, but it may be that she is simply tired of sitting on the net or before the boob tube all the time and is looking for something new to do. Be that as it may, she went to Nishrin's parlour to help out on Monday and earlier too. For the last two days, she is also attending my evening clinic to help out as my evening receptionist has left (I chucked him for being un-punctual and missing many days on duty.

I only hope and pray that this trend is not a mere flash in the pan and that she will continue to be as helpful in future as she is, today.

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Anonymous said...

Well, it's a teenager's world. Keep your fingers crossed!^_^