Monday, May 19, 2008

Introducing the Self

Ever seen a child play hide-n-seek? It is so much fun to watch, isn't it? I was a child too, once, but am now, I think, a mature adult with a lot of life gone past, and some still left to surprise ... perhaps with pain and pleasure in equal measure.

Sometimes, I am overwhelmed to realise that I am nearing 50. With half the proverbial life neatly stacked in a pile in my mental pocket, I am still feeling sort of young, like an old dog, wanting to try new tricks. May be I won't learn them fast, but by God, I will, and as I go about doing all those things, I will cast my eye inwards and reflect upon the things that could have gone differently for me.

In the process, I may, sometimes, wax lyrical or quote some heavy quotes. Don't be afraid, dear reader, as none of what I write can harm you, physically or otherwise.

Come then, let us start this journey together ...

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