Sunday, January 15, 2012

Day 60, Saturday, 14th January, 2012

The start of a new week, and as usual, I was looking forward to being "off call" finally after a week of being on call. Dr. Yasser, my co-Pediatrician surprised me by offering to do the OPD as well as the ER duties for the next few days as he felt that I had been unduly burdened in the past week (remember he had been away from last Monday to Friday?). I welcomed his offer, at least for today. I submitted some papers to Mr. Nawaf after getting them in order; these papers pertain to my application to the Muderiya Sahat for sending me the "badal tahsees" and "sakan" ... the furniture allowance and the house rent allowance, respectively. An amount equal to half of one's salary is given as a one-time gift to buy or change the furniture in one's house. This gift is only given in the first year, and not repeated. The HRA, however, is an annual feature, and is equal to three months' salary. I have heard that these amounts take a fairly long time to come into your bank accounts, so the earlier one applies for them, the better. 

Once this work was done, I weighed the options and decided to go home for the day after seeking permission from Dr.Shehab, the medical director. I told him that as I had had a busy night with 2 calls, I wanted to go home and sleep off the deficit. He agreed, and I went home by two p.m. I slept for nearly 2.5 hours in the early part of the evening, and only woke up for the Maghrib prayers at around 6.00 p.m. 

I went for the walk at about 15 minutes past eight p.m., and to my utter surprise, I walked for over 80 minutes! The first stint was about an hour,  and took me to the garden and back, and past my house to almost halfway to the hospital (which is in the direction opposite to that where the garden is located), where I rested in the electronics repair shop of Mr. Niyaz, the Indian repairer (not to be confused with Dr. Niaz, the Pakistani OB-GY specialist and my room-mate). I left his shop at about 20 minutes after 10 p.m., and walked back toward my house, and past it, on to the back side highway where I picked up some chapatis and a few dosai for my dinner at home. 

After having a light dinner, I watched some clips from "Paigham" an old Hindi film starring Dilip Kumar, Raaj Kumar and Vyajanthimala. I had downloaded these from You Tube. I went to sleep at around one a.m.

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