Thursday, January 26, 2012

Days 70 and 71, Tuesday, 24th and Wednesday, 25th January 2012

Officially, I am writing this on the morning of the 26th of January at 17 minutes past 2:00 a.m., Indian Standard Time ... and therefore, I begin this post by wishing all my readers of Indian origin (whether they are in India or elsewhere) a very Happy Republic Day. For the other readers, India was declared a sovereign democratic republic on this date in 1950. Thus, today is the 62nd anniversary of that red-letter day - a day when the constitution of India came under effect. 

My last two days were very humdrum, though I do wish to share a few new things/events. Last week, the hospital director's post changed hands when the earlier deputy director was promoted to the post, his name, Ahmed Farah or Abu Tuka (father of Tuka, his son). This person is the same one who had lent me money last month on my request. I returned his loan on Tuesday - a very happy event for me. I have already set aside the monies still owed to a few doctors in Ta'if and a few other people. 

On Wednesday, I completed all the formalities related to the new bank account opened by me last week. I registered and activated my mobile phone and also set up internet banking. 

Earlier, on Tuesday, I stood in for Dr. Yasser, who had to go to Ta'if for several tasks, many of them related to the other doctors in the hospital. It was easy work, with only 3-4 patients attending the OPD, and no new admissions. 

I am looking forward to going to Ta'if the next week, when I will be off-call. Besides completing a few formalities related to transfer of my money home to my family in India, I also plan to make a fresh visit to Jeddah to meet my cousin Juzer and his family. Inshallah, I will also perform Umrah again. If you are reading this, Juzer, I hope you will be available on the weekend of 10th and 11th February ... I am sorry but the idea has just occurred to me and I will call you first thing in the morning.

To the rest of my dear readers, I definitely want you to write comments here and if possible, also suggest ideas on what to write in such a blog. I don't want it to become like the hundreds of other blogs out here in cyberspace.                                                                                         


Rc said...

Happy Republic day to you too Taher bhai.
keep writing!

MUHBEEN said...

bhai when u go for umrah please pray for us. remember us in all ur duas.