Saturday, January 28, 2012

Days 72 and 73, Thursday 26th and Friday, 27th January 2012

The weekend was marked by a few calls from the hospital. In the main, I enjoyed cooking stuff. You, dear reader, have already viewed the previous two posts, so you probably already know what I cooked. If not, then please go back on the main blog and you will see the last two posts before this one. The duck curry was simply great! I enjoyed cooking it, and, as I write this on Saturday evening, I have already eaten it for lunch and found it excellent in taste and flavours. I must say that the flesh of the duck beats the chicken meat hollow. 

I did walk and jog on Thursday, but on the next day, I gave myself a jogging holiday, in keeping with the recommendation by the fitness experts ... a day off to allow healing of the torn muscle fibres that you have exerted the previous six days. Okay, so the news is that I have stopped losing weight and am running stable at 77.3 kg since the last almost 10 days! I mean, it is remarkable ... not even a 100 gram variation! Dr. Niyaz comes with me everyday, but the news is that he is leaving for a 30-day vacation to visit his family in Multan, Pakistan next Tuesday. Hence, I will miss him, and will have to make that extra effort to continue the exercise routine that I have recently established. I record the walking-jogging minutes every day on this site, and I have been doing this every single day since I started walking for fitness since I came here. I invite readers to visit my profile page on the afore-mentioned site, and figure out for yourself if you are inspired to work out like me, or even better, to try and get to be a fitter person. Click here to explore this amazing website. 

I had a long chat with the family today on Skype. The mood in my family is upbeat now that I have announced that I am going to remit the money next week :-) I am very happy to see the smile on their faces, and it makes this going to Saudi Arabia worth it. 

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