Monday, January 02, 2012

Something about my readers

To propel the interest among my readers, I have decided to interpose this post. I have many readers, though all of them have not chosen to be counted among the public followers of the blog by clicking on the "Follow" button for reasons of their own. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart all of you who have chosen to read my posts at a time suitable to you. I cannot say for certainty who among you is the most ardent follower because I think most of you who read my blog read each entry with care. However, among those who publicly follow the blog and/or comment regularly, I must count the following:

Dr. Mahesh Chandra Gupta, a doctor by profession and now, a practising lawyer in New Delhi, is an old friend of mine who reads my blog with a practiced eye to detect any flaws and immediately warns me if I have been indiscreet. I thank you, sir, for your learned and objective viewing of my blog entries. I have almost always corrected the entry/entries after your pointed remarks.

Dr. Muhbeen Shaikh is a radiologist from Mumbai who works as a full-time ultrasonologist at Saifee Hospital. I have known him for over 24 years, and he is a dear friend, a helpful soul, a remarkable person and a humble guide on my path to be a devout Muslim. His comments have been very useful to a confused soul like me. Thank you, Muhbeen.

Dr. Ravi Pandit is my colleague from Seth G.S. Medical College. He came to this blog a little later than some of you who have been reading it since day 1, but his devotion to my blog is a thing to marvel at. I trust his opinions all the more, since, like Dr. Muhbeen, he has worked in Saudi Arabia before, and I look forward to his comments. Welcome, Dr. Ravi Pandit, to my blog.

Dr. Mustafa Bapai is a general practitioner from Mumbai. He and his wife (an obstetrician with whom I have worked for many years) are my well-wishers. They are worldly, and intelligent to boot. I have turned to both of them for friendship, guidance, and also work (;-)). Dr. Mustafa, thank you so much for your public following of this blog and for your appreciation of my writing and encouragement from time to time. That goes for Mrs. Bapai too. I know that Madam is not a public follower, but I am sure she reads my blogs as actively as you do, Dr. Mustafa. My regards to both of you.

Mr. Yusuf Suleman, I do not know you so well, but you are among the first to "Follow" my blog. I request you to please comment on my entries and allow me to know you better. Thank you for your keen interest.

Mr. Rudra is a dear internet friend of mine who follows me on this blog publicly. We are a mutual admiration society, you can say, because I follow his photo posts on Picasa on the Web. We have never met in person, but his comments and directions are very encouraging for me. Rudra, I commend you publicly for your zeal and interest in my life. I pray that I get the chance to meet you and your children sometime in future.

Okay, so those are the "public" followers. 

There have been a few others who have also written public comments here and there, and I request you to bear with me if I forget some of you. I will add you all once I refresh my blog entries and run through them at a later date. These include Dr. Ashfaq Ubharay, a dear friend who is a homeopath in Mumbai, Salim Dadla, a businessman and a childhood friend and Qasim Sakriwala, a Mumbai-based businessman and an old friend who has been most appreciative of my writing.

I also get appreciation on Facebook where I update my posts. These include "likes" and "facebook comments"  from several friends, many of them being just internet buddies whom I have not yet had the privilege of meeting. They include my family (Nishrin, my better half, Inas and Hannah, my daughters, Kaizar and Murtuza, my brothers (and their wives Gulnar and Sakina), and Nuriyah, my niece), regular friends like Dr. Suresh Shah, Dr. Salil Choksi, Dr. Shree Patwardhan (all Pediatricians from Mumbai), GS Medical College colleagues like Chand Nair, Sudhir Rao, Pradeep Bhosale (and others), relatives like Rashida Kapadia, Zohra Kapadia,  Shabbir Attarwala, Saleh Bookwala, Sara Rassiwala, Durriya Nabijee (and others) and many other friends like Rashida Dhorajiwala, Rashida Bhiwandiwala, Fozia Abbas, Sai, Ravi Menon, Nitin Sharma (and others), school friends like Khushal Haria, Farhad Khursetjee, (and others), and so many more whom I cannot name here for I don't know who you/they are.

Finally, I have some international persons who also follow my blog. I know them to be genuine people and they are all friends from another wonderful community that I am a part of, viz. www.writing.com, a site for writers. I am proud to acknowledge the following readers: Giselle d' Octobre, Holly Jahangiri, Melissa Williams, and others. 

To all the others who are anonymous readers of the blog, and to all the aforementioned readers, I bow in gratitude and say: a huge THANK YOU. I really mean it. And today, I wish you all a happy, peaceful and prosperous 2012. May your tribe increase. May you continue to follow my journey in Saudi Arabia and be ready to guide and help me if I stumble or need your help.

I am,

Yours humbly,

Taher Kagalwala (drtaher-in-arabia, writing as drtaher-of-arabia).

P.S. If you want to be counted here, do drop a comment in the form below or email to drtaher@gmail.com. Thanks.

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