Sunday, January 15, 2012

Thursday, 12th and Friday, 13th January, 2012: Days 58 and 59 a.k.a. "The Weekend"

Hello readers. I am getting a little behind in my posts as I am feeling a little down nowadays. One of the reasons could be the fact that I am still without my "residence permit" or "iqama", and hence, am looking at the abominable aspect of being salary-less for yet another month. It angers me because the agent who enrolled me into this job never told me that this is how it works for every one who goes to Saudi Arabia. Had he warned me about this, I could have prepared myself before leaving India by arranging for more cash to meet my expenses. As it is, I have already borrowed so much money that I am feeling scared about it. What if there is some problem and they never give me my salary? Then, sanity prevails and I return to my non-stressed self and go about doing my routine stuff.

The other thing here is that there is so little work to do. I was on call on both the days of this weekend, and I had just one special night visit on Friday; leaving that one aside, there was hardly any work, Of course, I went to the hospital on both the mornings (although late, more like in the afternoon), to see my inpatients. Over the entire two days, I hardly cooked anything - just one vegetable; I did not iron my clothes (which I usually do), write my blog, make chapatis, or do any thing other than sleeping, eating, watching TV, surfing the net and taking my evening walks. Dr. Asadullah, Dr,. Niaz and I went on both the evenings for our routine walks; on Friday,. the weather became a little chilly, so we walked a little less. 

Dr. Niaz has been deputed to attend an Advanced Cardiac Life Support course on behalf of the hospital, and will travel to Makkah tomorrow. That leaves me alone for the next three days. Back to the old days when I used to be alone in the house. I don't know if I will enjoy this as much as I did earlier, because at least his presence was a relief to the pervading sense of loneliness. Also, I wonder if I will continue to go on the walks alone. Let us see ...

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