Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 74, Saturday, 28th January, 2012

The weekend passed, and a new week began on this Saturday. In general, I had a light week when I was on-call, and I had decided that I would go to Ta'if the coming week. As I write this on the evening of Tuesday the 30th of January, my preparations for the trip have already begun. But let me not get ahead of the story.

The day passed off uneventfully, really, except for the fact that I made a new vegetable on Saturday. It was a long, green vegetable, most probably the snake-gourd, which I experimented with. You just scrape off the skin and then cut the long stalk into smaller, more manageable pieces. Dice each into two halves, remove the cores as you do in a bottle-gourd, and then cut the piece into smaller pieces, again similar to the ones that you make with a bottle-gourd. You cook it in pretty much the same way as you do bottle-gourd; I added green-peas to provide for variety and texture and added only garlic, red-chilli powder, salt and coriander powder to spice this dish. It came out very well, and I enjoyed eating it on Sunday.

The duck curry has, meanwhile, continued to satiate my appetite, and I still have a lot of it in the refrigerator on the eve of my 4-day departure planned for Tuesday.\

The new doctor who has come to our hospital in the Surgery department in place of the still absent Dr. Shahid is Dr. Aly Kamran from the King Faisal Hospital, Ta'if. A Pakistani who is here in this country since the last 7+ years, he is a FRCS from Ireland and looks like a competent and tough person. I am enjoying the interaction with him just as I did with two of his earlier predecessors, Dr. Asadullah and Dr. Tariq (both these worthies are also Pakistani General Surgeons).

That's all for now ... await my next entry and please, please, do comment here!

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