Friday, December 02, 2011

Day 16, Thursday, 1st December, 2011

I am very happy that I am finally coming up to date on my blog. Thanks to the sporadic availability of internet here in Al Muweh, it was getting to be a serious problem to keep in touch with you, dear reader.

Okay, so basically, this is a Thursday, and therefore an off day for specialist doctors all over the Kingdom, except for those who are on call ... but even they can stay away from the hospital, and attend to patients only when called by the residents in the event of an emergency. The others can even leave town and travel anywhere within the country ... as long as they report back by Saturday morning. So, why am I telling you this? Because, you see, I forgot this  basic fact and reported at the muster desk at 07:45 a.m. in full formal dress! Ha ha, I can hear you laughing/giggling (depending upon whether you are an "open" person or "reserved"). No matter. I myself laughed at my faux pas, so it is okay.

My morning having got screwed up, I went to the cafeteria to be served my last "free" breakfast. Chatted with Dr. Tariq, the locum surgeon who is attending the hospital in lieu of Dr. Shahid who has gone on leave. Breakfast consisted of beans and khubbus (here, it is known as khubs) with tea and an orange. After this, I generally hung around the campus, and also went out with my Canon camera to shoot photos of this and that.

Later, I had a lunch consisting of rice, khubs and chicken, where I met and chatted for a while with sister Jyotsna, who spoke about her back surgery that she underwent a few months ago (she is only 26, but has suffered from a serious prolapsed inter-vertebral disc recently). Afterwards, I went back to my room where I uploaded the photos to my PC and played around with Windows Live Movie Maker to make a movie from the pictures I had snapped earlier in the morning. I will post the movie once I get good connection. 

Slept for an hour or so in the later half of the afternoon, and went in for dinner at a quarter to eight. This consisted of fried fish fingers with cauliflower and parboiled rice.  Returned to my room after this, and did this and that, until the daylight went out and I went off to sleep. 

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