Friday, December 16, 2011

The Weekend: Thursday and Friday again!

So I have crossed a month, and into the second one of my stay here in Al Muweh. Let me tell you one thing: I had read somewhere on the net, before leaving India, that Saudis have placed a ban on blogging, and that one would have to seek permission from relevant authorities before running a blog. So far, though, I haven't been blocked, and this may be because I have never openly criticised or said anything negative about these people. Actually, when I wrote that the tribal beddus of this city are not very "literate", I did not mean "literate" in the clear sense of that word. They are literate, of course. What I meant is that they aren't wise to the ways of modernity from the stand-point of environmental consciousness, infant feeding, being humane and sharing, being a little lenient towards a visitor who is learning to adjust, and so on. 

Most of the doctors and nurses here are very understanding; I wasn't referring to them. I mean the local Saudis here; they will not slow their car to help you reach the hospital in the morning; they will not follow medical advice; they always seek to go home early, and often sign a DAMA (discharge against medical advice); things like this, and some more that I cannot openly discuss, is what gets my goat. Eventually, I will learn to side-step these hurdles, and I can say that I already am, but it isn't easy to strike a balance between two extremes of a situation. 

Let me exemplify: if I prescribe medications for a sick child and ask them to report back the next day, I am not doing enough, and the father will become argumentative; if I suggest that the kid get hospitalised, they will immediately make a long face, and even if they do agree to do so, they will want to go home in 24 hours! I mean, how can a child be sent home like that? And so, it comes to a DAMA. This is just one example. I can give many more. But, leave it.

My backache prevents me from being too mobile, although the weather on Thursday evening was pleasant enough for me to wander outside for an hour from half past eight to half past nine. I had a few calls, and a few admissions over the two days, but all in all, not too bad for a weekend on call. Tomorrow onwards, my colleague Dr. Yasser will be on call, and I will be free after the OPDs for the whole week.

Did I say Yippee? I guess I didn't ... and why would I? Killing time is the perennial problem here, whether one is on call or off it. I have uploaded nearly 35 movies on my computer before leaving India, and have already finished seeing more than half of them ... what will I do once I run out of these? LOL.

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