Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 42, Tuesday 27th December 2011

Experimenting with the preparation of food is something not many career minded individuals (read men) enjoy doing. I am probably cast in a different mould, since I do enjoy playing in the kitchen with new recipes and new modifications to tried and tested methods of making foods. Remember my telling you how I enjoyed a sweet dish with curd in an earlier post? In the same refrain, I like to play with new ingredients, innovative combinations of old ingredients and at times, to play with new ways of preparing old recipes. 

In this way, one can, by trial and error, make foods that one can enjoy eating. Here are some examples: cabbage parathas with left-over cabbage bhaaji; adding curd instead of tomatoes to a standard vegetable recipe; using dry coconut powder to garnish and add to the taste of a dish that normally does not accommodate this ingredient, e.g. mixed vegetable curry, and so on.

Why did I write about all this? Because I did some such stuff today as well. My day was somewhat routine otherwise, but there was one change: from today, for 2 days, my colleague Dr. Yasser went on leave, so I had to look after my on-call as well as sit in the OPD. This wasn't as bad as I had thought it might become, though I did have to run to the ER in between seeing patients in the OPD. More like an inconvenience than real struggle.

The pleasant surprise of today was a renewal of contact with my class friend Dr. RP, who has, I believe, now taken to reading my blog. Thank you, RP. 

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Ravi Pandit said...

Although I studied in a boarding school from the age of 9, and then spent nearly 10 yrs in Bombay doing medicine & ortho, it wasn't until I was in KSA that I began experimenting with cooking. I got pretty good with making idlis,dosas, chutney and sambar. I still persist and get better each time - I do take pleasure and see it as an achievement.

Taher, I located Al Muwayh - it does seem rather desolate. While in KSA, my paediatrician friend of mine (we shared a flat) and I drove from Al Rass through Medina, Makkah, Jeddah, Taif, Riyadh and back. I really liked Taif and it reminded me of the Western Ghats.
Taher, you must make it a point to visit the traditional dwellings (mud huts)in the villages. It would amaze you as they are extremely well done and absolutely cool even in the height of summer, without an a/c, I might add.