Monday, December 05, 2011

Day 19, Sunday, 4th December, 2011

Dear Reader,

As I write this, I must say that the most shocking news I read over the net yesterday pertained to the demise of the 88-year old Hindi movie actor, producer and director Mr. Dev Anand. The actor, who worked in Bollywood for nearly six and a half decades will be missed sorely by all of us who have seen him work as a hero right from the 50's down to the nineties. Although his later movies did not click at the box office, brand Dev Anand continues to entertain and enthrall the older and newer generations with his past nearly magical movies like Kala Pani, CID, Jewel Thief, Guide (an iconic film of Hindi cinema, certainly) and many others. During my youth, I really enjoyed his movies, and particularly, the songs, which were immensely enjoyable not just to listen to, but also to hum. I pay homage to this great man and pray that his soul rests in Eternal Peace. He is to be cremated tomorrow in London, and I will be there with him in spirit as he begins his celestial journey.

The third Sunday of my stay in Saudi Arabia was, in the main, quite unremarkable. I did something new, though: I went on a walk with Dr. Yasser, who has been doing this every single day for the past few months. He stays a little away from where I do, and in the evening, we met after the Maghrib prayers, and went for the walk down the main Riyadh - Ta'if Highway, around the Al Moweh Hospital, and back down the highway to our home, but after stopping at a mosque for the Isha prayer. I intend to do this every day, Inshallah.

For the last 3 days, I have been trying to upload a video that I created by joining some photos of the hospital and its environs using the Windows Live Movie Maker, but the net connection has never permitted me to finish the 41 MB upload that the movie needs. I will keep trying to do this,till I succeed.

That's it for now ...thanks for reading.

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MUHBEEN said...

one definite advantage of working in saudi arabia is that one gets very regular with his namaaz. pl remember us in all ur duas taher. May Allah make ur stay fruitful and comfortable.