Monday, December 12, 2011

Day 26, Sunday, 11th December, 2011

Dear Reader, 

Thank you for your continued patronage of my blog. Your comments keep me going as no other stimulus can hope to do. I am still waiting for my own family members to read and comment on this blog. My dear reader Ashfaq has finally managed to append his name to the comment he posted on my previous day's entry, and I congratulate him for the same. Thank you, my friend. 

As I mentioned in my last entry, I wasn't feeling too well, and I slept fitfully through the night. When I woke up, my nose was still stuffy, and my throat had started hurting. Arriving at the hospital, I went up to Dr. Aala, the Egyptian ENT doctor, and he took a look at my throat. He told me that I had an edematous uvula, and I would have to start an antibiotic (Cefuroxime, first dose IV 1.5g) and an anti-inflammatory agent (first dose, diclofenac, IM and then, ibuprofen, oral). He also prescribed me a mouth wash, naphazolin + CPM nose drops (nasophen) and oral cefuroxime and ibuprofen. With all these medicines given to me by the pharmacy, I took permission from Dr. Shehab, the medical director, to leave the duty and go home. Dr. Yasser also complied with the request, and I was free to go home to rest. It was Dr. Narendra who took me home in his car.

In the evening, I went on Skype and had a long chat with Nishrin, Inas and Hannah. They had ordered food from Mama Mia, and were having it right in front of me. I really had a yearning for Chicken lollipops and their pizza, par kya karein .... so, I went out after Ishaa prayers. Purchased a few items from the malls, and then went back home after eating some snack items from a Bangladeshi restaurant. They included something like a baida roti, one piece of a batata wada imitation, and one piece of falafel tami. Back home, I took my tablets, but no formal meal, In the night, just had a cup of tea and an apple. And went to sleep after watching a part of "The Ten Commandments".

Okay, so before I sign off, let me say that I have had a very good experience today. Everyone - the ENT doctor, the general physician, the ENT person and Dr. Yasser have all been kind to me and allowed me to go home before noon. And no less gratitude to Dr. Shehab, who allowed me to go home without any paper work.

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