Friday, December 30, 2011

Day 44, Thursday, 29th December 2011

Unlike what I do at most weekends, I decided to split up this weekend into two posts. The reason I am doing this is that I do not want to make the post very lengthy. Okay, so basically this was the start of the two-day weekend, but by the time I was done, the day had already ended and Friday had begun.

Let me end your confusion, dear reader, by saying that this happened because the time when I went to see the  last patient in the hospital was at half past eleven. By the time I finished with the patient a new day had already begun (it was past midnight).

I had decided to call an Indian person who can cook and pay him some money to do the week's cooking for me, and he was to come today, but he called to say that he had a job today in an Indian restaurant, and he would visit me the next day. This made me think. I remembered that I had heard these part time jobs taken by Indians, Pakistanis and so on on a number of occasions; this was the main reason they all stuck on their jobs that paid nothing more than what they might have got in their own countries. The extra income they get by moonlighting or by doing odd jobs can often equal or even exceed their official incomes.

I had leftover vegetables with bread for lunch, and I fried some mutton samosas for today evening, and had them with slices of bread for dinner.

Calls to the hospital to see kids in tawari (ER) came twice; first, I was called around five p.m., and the next time, at half past eleven p.m. All in all, I saw nearly half a dozen children, of whom two got admitted, one needed it but went away after giving his "refusal of consent" signature.

Looking forward to the cook's arrival tomorrow so that I don't have a problem about food the next week.

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Ravi Pandit said...

I fondly remember the kheema-like stuff that the Yemeni guys sold in a khubz-roll. Ummm....delicious. Remind me of what they were called?
I was amazed to note that khubz still costs SR1 for a pack of 5 - no inflation in 25 years! That must be a first.