Thursday, December 29, 2011

Day 41, Monday 26th December 2011

Over the past 40 days of my being away from home, I have often spoken to both my daughters using a VOIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). You will be surprised to note that this costs me just 0.75 paise per minute ANYWHERE IN INDIA! Yes, I did say 75 paise. Which means that it is only 20% costlier than calls made from mobile phones WITHIN THE SAME NETWORK AND WITHIN THE SAME CITY/CIRCLE in India (usually 60 paise per minute)! All I had to do was to make an initial payment of 10 euros for 1000 minutes! That translates to Rs. 739 (inclusive of service charges) by credit card.

Readers will immediately point out that video chatting is free on Skype, GMail Google talk, Yahoo Messenger, etc. but VOIP allows you to call directly on someone's mobile even when they have no access to the internet or are not connected at that moment. 

I found the procedure so convenient, that over the days, I have called so many of my friends with this programme. And it has always been an immensely pleasant experience from my end, and invariably a surprise at their end, since they did not expect me to call them from out of India. Thank you all those who received my calls, and to those who haven't yet got a call from me, fret not, I will call you Inshallah as soon as possible.

I was posted as On-call this week, and today, I had a fairly easy day with just one or two admissions and just one call in the evening. I coordinated my evening walk with the attendance for this emergency call from the ER (Emergency Room) or tawaari

Apart from this one bit of news, nothing else to report, hence signing off. 

Oh yes, I had a long video chat with an internet buddy after a long time ... NS, are you reading this? Our chat turned into a mutual admiration society as he kept praising me for taking the decision to move to Saudi Arabia at *this* age (emphasis mine), and I kept praising him for his brilliant academic achievements and his possible metamorphosis into a billionaire.

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