Saturday, December 31, 2011

Day 45, Friday, 30th December 2011

So, the month seems to be coming to an end, as also a very eventful year for me, for Mumbai, for India and perhaps for Asia and the world too. Back in Al Muweh, things are slow and I don't think anything has changed much in the last year, except that the hospital and the people living here have aged 1 year. As my friend Dr. Ravi Pandit informed me in a comment to an earlier post, prices here haven't altered much here either; almost 17 years ago, Saudi bread khubs used to cost 1/5th of a riyal or 20 halalas. It costs the same today as well. Prices of petrol, diesel and cooking gas remain at very low levels, and second hand cars are still available at the same rates as they were at that time. (This he hasn't told me, but I found this out myself!)

The second off day of my weekend was not unusual, but as I had foreseen, the man who was supposed to come to my place to cook food and make chapatis never turned up. In the event, after waiting for him until half past two in the afternoon, I started the work myself. I made two appams with pre-soaked rice made into a paste using the mixer, six dal-parathas from the left-over dal, and nine chapatis. After this gruelling task, I made mixed vegetables and chicken curry. The vegetables got partially burnt because I was busy chatting with my family at that time. However, all the food turned out nice, as I tasted most of it. 

There were a few emergency calls, but nothing extra-ordinary. The unusual thing is that one of the parents actually came to pick me up from my house to go to the hospital, and promised me that he would take me back to the house afterwards. And he did. This was cool, because I don't see such responsive and responsible men here very often.

I skipped my evening walk today, but did manage to walk here and there throughout the day. For example, the walk from my house to the hospital in the morning to see admitted patients, and another walk early in the evening to buy some stuff.

In the night, I watched "Pyaasa" a 1957 classic produced, directed and acted in, by Guru Dutt. Waheeda Rehman looked ravishing in her role as a street woman. She is one actress I have always loved watching since childhood. May she live a long life. As to the movie, it is immensely watchable thanks to its great songs and music. The story-line will not appeal to the present generation, but was appropriate for those times.

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